In restaurant scene from Sweet Smell of Success (1957), during their discussion, columnist J.J. Hunsecker, Senator Harvey Walker and Agent Manny got interrupted by a press agent Sidney:

J.J. Hunsecker: The day I can't get along without a press agent's handouts... I'll close up shop and move to Alaska lock, stock, and barrel.

Agent Manny: Sweep out my igloo. Here I come.

J.J. Hunsecker: Manny, you rode in here on the senator's shirttails, so shut your mouth!

What does "Sweep out my igloo" mean?

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J.J. jokes about moving to Alaska, so Manny carries on the joke - "Get my accommodation ready, I'm coming to Alaska too." Of course, people in Alaska don't really live in igloos, it's just a cliché for 'the far North'.

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