I came across this sentence and was surprised that the gerund was used instead the infinitive with to:

The best way for promoting a service is to give customers what they want and to satisfy them.

Why is it not written "to promote" ?Is it a mistake? I don't think so . Is there a difference in the meaning between for and to in this case? Would it be possible to write "The best way of promoting a service"

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    Yes, the best way of is more usual than the best way for but both are possible and equivalent to the use of the infinitive. Oct 19, 2022 at 15:32

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Yes, way (in the sense of "method", "means") normally takes a to-infinitive clause, or of followed by an -ing clause, rather than a complement introduced by for.


The best way to promote a service


The best way of promoting a service.

The example you found the best way for promoting a service is understandable, but not idiomatic. Maybe it was written by somebody who is not a native English speaker.

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