I wrote 2 sentences:

Many ethnic groups migrated into what is now Vietnamese territory at different times in history: some came thousands of years ago and some came hundreds of years ago. Regardless of that, any people who have settled on the S-shaped country* are considered to be of the same roots and also brothers and sisters united by understanding, faithfulness, attachment and mutual care.

*Vietnam is a long, narrow nation shaped like the letter S.

I don't know if my word choice for all the virtues here applies for a group of people. What I think they meant when applying for a community are

  • understanding: people of a community understand and feel sympathy for each other
  • faithfulness: people of a community remains unchanging in feelings towards each other
  • attachment: people of a community having tight-knit relationship with each other
  • mutual care: people of a community will love, help and protect each other
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    It sounds OK to me, but we are getting into the territory of 'writing advice' rather than English language. Oct 22, 2022 at 14:02
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    I'd change "faithfulness" to "loyalty". "Faithfulness" sound like it has to do with a common religion
    – gotube
    Oct 22, 2022 at 16:11


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