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That was what I do/did.

If I did something that I usually do even now, should I use "do" or "did"?

If I use "did," can it mean I currently still do that instead of just referring to the past?


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"That was what I did" is the only fluent way to phrase the sentence. The tenses of the verbs (was/did) need to match: if you are talking about something in the past ("That was...") then the doing was also in the past ("...what I did.")

Saying did does not directly state that you don't do it any more, but it does kind of imply it. If you need to specify that it is something you still do, you might say something like

That was what I did, and still do


That was what I did, as I still do.

  • You may also achieve the meaning of something starting in the past and continuing into the present by saying "That is what I have been doing."
    – CountDoku1
    Jul 14, 2023 at 14:01

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