Is it idiomatic to say "Let's have a check", just like we say "Let's have a look", or "Let's have a listen."?

If not, should I say: Let's check or Let's check it.

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It is grammatically correct, it is used, it is informal, it is understandable, but I wouldn't say that it is idiomatic.

According to this NGram graph, "Let's have a look" is used about five hundred times as often as "Let's have a check", and even that over-estimates the occurrences of the "check" version, as many of the actual instances are partial matches, like "let's have a check-up".

Either "Let's check" or "Let's check it" are OK: which is better depends on the context. The former is about 300 times as common as "Let's have a check".


It is correct.

It's common to precede 'check' with an adjective

People often say "Let's have a quick check", or "Let's do a proper check", "Let's do a full check"


It's OK, but very informal to the point some would consider it slang.

It also has a nuance of condescension, so when I read that sentence, I picture a parent or doctor speaking to a child, or an IT support person talking to someone with a really simple tech problem.

It's not nearly as common or natural as "let's have a look/listen".

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