Example one

"If you had close contact with Covid patients, you would have to pay more attention to your body because any signs would/will be the potential indicators."

This is a second conditional structure. I wonder which one I should use will or would?

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    The whole sentence is unreal, so the whole sentence uses unreal grammar, including the "because" clause
    – gotube
    Nov 3, 2022 at 1:55
  • I think you probably mean symptoms, not signs. The whole sentence needs re-writing as @gotube remarked but proof reading is off topic here.
    – mdewey
    Nov 3, 2022 at 14:11
  • @mdewey I didn't recommend rewriting. I talked about what kind of grammar it had and concluded that only "would" is a correct choice there.
    – gotube
    Nov 3, 2022 at 17:44

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Would is probably most appropriate since the entire sentence is hypothetical.

  • Well since the whole ting is ungrammatical how can we tell which it should be?
    – mdewey
    Nov 3, 2022 at 14:12

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