In "Outliers"

Here is Pete Best, the Beatles' drummer at the time : "Once the news got out about that we were making a show, the club started packing them in. We played seven nights a week, At first played almost nonstop till twelve-thirty, when it closed, but as we got better the crowds stayed till two most mornings."

  1. till twelve-thirty -> till 12 O'clock 30 minutes(that is, means time), Is this correct?
  2. two most mornings, what does it mean??

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Yup, 12:30 is a time.

So is 2:00.

(On) most mornings, we played until 2 a.m.

Note that some people, myself included, would call that a night!

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    – inviolable
    Nov 13, 2022 at 4:11

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