This context comes from the movie "Five Easy Pieces"

BOBBY-What're you doing right now...
CATHERINE-Right now I'm going to run a hot tub and soak myself.
BOBBY-Then after that?
CATHERINE-After that, I plan to read some music and rest for a while.
BOBBY-Tomorrow, then.
CATHERINE-Tomorrow's a full practice day... But the day after is kind of open.

"full" at TheFreeDictionary.com:

  1. (often with of or with) bursting, packed, teeming, abounding, jammed, swarming A day full of entertainment.

If it says "often with of or with" then it means that it sometimes occurs without it. Does the sentence mean essentially "Tomorrow's a day full of practice"?

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Yes, it means a day full of practice. It also has the connotation that she will practice all the aspects of whatever craft she is practicing.

In a sport that might mean exercises and drills as well as a practice game. For a musician it might mean scales as well as work on the pieces she is preparing to perform.

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    She's a musician. She has to spend the whole day practicing. Nov 13, 2022 at 14:49

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