Since we're talking about a scheduled appointment, which option is correct? Why? Is the other one always incorrect when taking about scheduled appointments?

I'm sorry, but next Tuesday after school I have / will have to go to football training.

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There's probably no scope for any difference in meaning with OP's exact example. Unless we want to note that the I have version primarily alludes the fact that I currently have that future commitment, whereas I will have refers a future obligation. It's the same obligation, so I don't see how we can make much of a distinction there.

HOWEVER - there are contexts where there's a more "palpable" distinction...

We're going on a pub crawl tonight, but I [have to | will have to] be the designated driver.

In that context, I have to... implies that commitment is already known to some / all of speaker's drinking companions. But I will have to... tends to imply that the others aren't yet aware that the speaker is the one who will have to remain sober. Presumably the speaker is already resigned to the fact that he will lose the argument when they have to decide who stays sober.

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