I’m trying to understand which option is grammatically correct and why:

What is the size of the computer?


What is the size of computer?

I feel like the first one is correct but why we need the second ‘the’ here.

Thanks in advance!

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    Because it refers to a particular size and a particular computer! Dec 2, 2022 at 10:40

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Computer is a "count" noun, so in the singular it always needs an article, except in certain constructions which allow articles to be omitted (for example, in some contexts, and linking things conventionally paired together, like man and wife, horse and cart).

None of these special constructions apply here, so computer must have an article. Whether it is definite or indefinite depends on what you want to say, but What is the size of a computer, while grammatical, is an unlikely thing to say, because computers vary so much in size.

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