What is the difference between:

Do you ever go to the pop concert?


Have you ever gone to the pop concert?

  • Though it is more likely that you would say "Do you ever go to a pop concert?" I think it is unlikely that you might go to the same concert on different occasions, unless it is a specific venue. – user3169 Sep 6 '14 at 20:13

Do you ever go to the pop concert?

In this sentence, ever is used to ask the person how frequently/often/if at all he/she goes to the pop concert, at any given point in time. Normal response to this question would be something like:

  • Yes, I go there every week/month.
  • Yes, I go there occasionally.
  • No, I really don't get the time.

Coming to your second question:

Have you ever gone/been to the pop concert?

This is a more specific question. It asks the person about his going to the pop concert specifically in the past.

Responses to this question could be:

  • Yes, I went there last month/year.
  • No, I haven't been to the concert.

To point out the difference of this question from the first one - the second question (unlike the first one) doesn't consider the general interest of the person in going to pop concerts in his/her day-to-day life.

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