Is there any equivalent words to the word 'quotation'?

For instance, I'm asking about the price of a service I want.

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    This is probably either too broad or unclear. First, there are several alternatives. Easy ones are a quote, a price list, or the cost. Second, it's unclear which one would fit your need best because you weren't specific about how exactly you're going to use it. – Damkerng T. Sep 9 '14 at 18:16

There could be many alternatives. Also, it depends which context you are talking in.

However, one of the close alternatives I know is the word 'estimate'. This fits in your example...

I'm asking for the estimate for the services I want to go for.

One of the meanings of estimate is to calculate the amount.

Also, you may ask directly for the price, charge, fees, budget, cost, etc. for the same thing.

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  • To go into more detail, a quote and an estimate are different. With an estimate, the price might change during the project. For example, I get an estimate to repair my car. After they start, they realize there's extra work that needs to be done. I get billed a higher price than was stated on the estimate. With a quote, the seller is bound by the terms and price stated in the quote. – The Photon Sep 9 '14 at 20:43

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