• I also play baseball in Italy.

Are there three ways to interpret this sentence?

  1. Not only Tom but also I play baseball in Italy.
  2. I not only play soccer but also play baseball in Italy.
  3. I play baseball not only in the US but also in Italy.

Is its meaning completely dependent on the context?

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No. There is no way to know which interpretation is correct. This is why the context is important.

  • Is there any way to avoid misinterpretation?
    – kuwabara
    Jan 10 at 13:08
  • Yes, exactly as you have done in the question. To give the first interpretation you say "Not only Tom, but I also played baseball in Italy" and so on. Or you say "Tom played baseball in Italy, and I also did."
    – James K
    Jan 10 at 21:09

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