A woman says, “My toes are turning red. I think I’m getting frostbite.” at 0:46 of the ABC News clip: https://ia600909.us.archive.org/29/items/KGO_20101216_013000_ABC_World_News_With_Diane_Sawyer/KGO_20101216_013000_ABC_World_News_With_Diane_Sawyer.mp4?start=1620&end=1680&ignore=x.mp4

To my knowledge, Present Progressive can also indicate near future. So, I was wondering which "I think I’m getting frostbite." means: she is in the process of developing frostbite now, or she is not developing frostbite at this time but will be getting frostbite soon.


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She means "I am starting to develop frostbite".

It's quite common to say "I think I'm getting a cold" when we feel the first symptoms. We don't mean "I plan to get one in the near future"!

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