Can I put 'at all' in the mid-position?

My research: I found some questions connected with 'at all', but none of those were about what I'm trying to find out. Then I found some information about 'at all' in the Cambridge Dictionary, but it also said I could put at all in the mid-position before an adjective, nothing about verbs. That is why this question occurred.

No-one at all understands me.

No-one understands me at all.


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The two examples (3 and 4) have different meanings.

In No-one at all understands me, the expression at all emphasises no-one. Theoretically it is redundant, as no-one already means zero, but I have seen the word reinforced this way.

In No-one understands me at all, the expression at all emphasises the lack of understanding. This is not redundant; the sentence No-one understands me can allow people to understand me in part. Adding at all makes the statement that nobody understands me even in part.

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