In Top Gun Maverick (2022), Hangman speaks to pilot Goose:

Hangman: Well, anyone who follows you is just gonna run out of fuel. But that's just you, ain't it, Rooster? You're snug on that perch, waiting for just the right moment... that never comes.

What does "snug on that perch" mean?

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Snug means comfortable.

Perch is a place where one can sit.

Be snug on a perch literally means be sitting comfortably somewhere.

Hangman challenges Goose by telling him that his life may be too comfortable and that he may want to get out of his comfort zone.

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    Additionally, a perch is somewhere a bird would sit, so this is a jab at Rooster's callsign.
    – Snorka
    Jan 18, 2023 at 21:15

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