dictionary (britannica.com):

one of the meanings of "fund":
a fund - an amount of money that is used for a special purpose

one of examples for this definition:
(1) the library's book fund

To me, (1) is the aggregate of all books in the library.
But according to the definition, (1) has something to do with money rather than books.

Could you please explain to me :
What does (1) mean?
How is (1) related to the dictionary definition?

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    Normally 'XXX fund' means 'money to be used to buy, rent, hire, etc, XXX'. Jan 18 at 21:10
  • A useful (for something) collection of XXXs might be 'a fund of XXXs'. Jan 18 at 22:04

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Presumably, a library's book fund would be an amount of money the library has that is designated for buying books.

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    Yes, and I would call the totality or aggregate of a library's books its 'stock'. Jan 18 at 20:51

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