This context comes from the movie "The Glass Onion" (Don't worry No-Spoilers)


Will you please then explain it all to us? Detective?


No. I can peel back the layers, I can take it to a point. But what lies at the center... only one person can tell us who killed .....

Blanc's using an onion as a metaphor for the mystery that is taking place in the movie. I understand that you can peel back the layers. But what does "take it to a point: mean?

"take" verb

  1. to remove: to take a coat from the closet.(Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary)

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The context you provided is not enough to answer with certainty. I haven't seen the film.

It could be either

  • I can understand it to a certain point. (He can unravel the mystery up to a certain point)

  • I can endure (2) it to a certain point. (Peeling an onion makes your eyes tear)


Take is a word with many meanings. I think the appropriate definition is

17 a : to undertake and make, do, or perform

Blanc is saying, "I can undertake this action (of peeling back the layers) up to a certain level (but not all the way to the center)."

It might also help to review the definition of "up to a point".

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