I often find myself at lack of words when trying to convey it and I have to resort to the basic ones. One verb that I often use is "stuff". Example: I stuffed some T-shirts into the bag.

I also use the verb "squeeze". Example: I squeezed myself into the trousers.

What are some other similar verbs?

PS: These two verbs have a sense that the contents are being thrust into the bag/container/cavity because the contents are not fitting in properly. I would also wanna know about some verbs that don't have this connotation.

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The basic word for putting things in bags is pack. This doesn't have the connotation of not fitting in properly.

In your example put is also possible. Putting things into a general "cavity" is filling it.

And for clothing put on.

Simple meanings call for simple verbs.

  • Isn't "pop" is also used this way?
    – Satya
    Commented Jan 31, 2023 at 15:20

Other words for this include to shove and to cram.

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