I ordered a copy of this new record on vinyl and postage was only 1,6 euros( it should have been around 10 euros) .Surprised I just double-checked to see if I had chosen the good option . Yes I chose the good one!

Can I use past simple for "yes I chose the good option " or would it be better to use past perfect as I chose in the previous sentence.In this previous sentence "had chosen" is justified because it happens before I double-checked but in the last sentence there is no reason to use past perfect.Am I right?

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    The comma for a decimal is not used in English, and will cause confusion (it looks like "one or six Euros".) You would write €1.60 in English (with the euro sign first and 60 for 60 cents).
    – James K
    Feb 8, 2023 at 20:57

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Native speakers generally avoid repeated use of Past Perfect.

You only need one instance to unambiguously set the temporal relationships between the primary Past Tense setting of a narrative / conversation and something that came before that.

So chose is fine for the cited context.

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