What is the correct expression in English? If various versions can be used, could you explain the usage differences and provide examples? Thanks:

  • Difference of opinion
  • Differences of opinion
  • Difference of opinions
  • Differences of opinions

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"Difference of opinion" and "differences of opinion" are both correct: "difference of opinion" is the singular, used when referring to a single disagreement — a single thing that people are disagreeing about — while "differences of opinion" is the plural, used when referring to multiple disagreements — multiple things that people are disagreeing about.

"Difference of opinions" and "differences of opinions" are both quite rare by comparison — less than one-twentieth as common, according to the Google Books Ngram Viewer [link] — and when they do occur, they're usually just variants of "difference of opinion" and "differences of opinion", respectively. That said, looking through the Google Books hits for "difference of opinions", I do see a few uses of "difference of opinions" to mean "differences of opinion", as well as a few chance occurrences that aren't quite of this expression (such as one where the "opinions" are expressed numerically and the "difference" denotes literal subtraction).

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