The use of some words in English grammar resources is expressed as follows:

1-) I passed the exam by studying.

2-) I cut the paper using scissor.

Why isn't '' by '' added in 2 ? or Why isn't the word '' by '' removed from the other sentence?

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    Scissors is always plural. You could say by using, but with [a pair of] scissors would be more usual. Feb 11 at 11:16
  • Syntactically, using scissors is equivalent to by scissors or with scissors. There are many contexts where we can optionally use multiple prepositions - Come [over] to me, Get off [of] the bus, Climb [up] to the top,... In your case, we could say you did it by using scissors. But if you did it with scissors you couldn't include another preposition. Feb 11 at 11:16


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