Here is my constructions:

  1. How much are the course tuition fees?
  2. How much is the course tuition fee?

So my question is, should I use 'are ... fees' or 'is ... fee'?


Fully agree with user8543. Just a bit more explanation might be helpful.

If someone is charging you more than one fee, use ...are fees. 'Fees' are common in some cases as in booking a cricket ground. We do that. When we are billed, there are fees such as maintenance fee, pavilion fee, membership fee etc. On the other hand, as a healthcare provider, I charge patient only for the physical examination. That is my fee ;)

So, in your case, you might have just one fee or more than one fee, fees.


Fairly straightforward. If there are multiple fees for the course, use are...fees. If there is one fee, use is..fee.

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