I was reading a book about language learning and I saw this sentence "The world has shrunk further. Contacts with foreigners are no longer the privilege of professional diplomats, merchants seeking new markets, or boredom-banishing globetrotters."

I searched everywhere and didn't find an answer to this. I tried to guess the meaning by analyzing each word "boredom" and "banishing"; by that, I came to a possible answer, boredom-banishing is someone who doesn't want to be bored and search for fun traveling, but I'm not convinced by this answer at all. Does anyone know this word?

  • @FumbleFingers Thank you for the answer! I wasn't confident with my guess, I think I should be more confident with myself.
    – David Dias
    Feb 18, 2023 at 3:25

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It's a "nonce-word" - made up on the spot for the specific context. But it's such an obvious one it will probably have been "re-coined" several times over the years. With the meaning OP already worked out - someone who seeks to avoid being bored by globetrotting / traveling the world.

You won't find sleep-banishing or hunger-banishing or fear-banishing in the dictionary either, but they've all been used in print several times.

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