Can then and first be put in the mid-position? I've seen some examples where they are, but I want to know whether they really can be in the most grammatical way.

  1. I then understood that those small kittens had actually slain all the frogs having dwelt at the swamp.

  2. I was first amazed by her appearance, but after having learnt what a brazen, merciless person she was, she was forever forgotten by me.

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    Adverbial elements like then, first, later,... can usually be put in various different positions within an utterance. By default, your two examples would normally start with Then and At first, but your versions are "valid". And sometimes a competent native speaker / writer might use your positions for effect (and/or discard at before first) - but since you don't know what that effect might be, you should probably stick to the default positions. Feb 22 at 13:15


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