Now, a woman has a 5-year-old daughter and now she has just had a newborn baby. The daughter starts to get jealous of the baby because she just wants her mom to take care of her only not the baby.

What is the verb expressing that a child just wants their mom to be exclusively for them?

For example,

The daughter just wants to keep her mom to herself

The daughter just doesn't want to share her mom with the baby

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    I don't know a verb for it, but the feeling is described as sibling jealousy or sibling rivalry (though the second can also refer to ill-feeling between older siblings). Mar 17 at 11:04

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The verb is possess - to have and hold as property : own. The daughter is possessive.

  • But you can share possessions.
    – user354948
    Mar 17 at 15:34

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