A question about the usage of "over" here:

A Los Angeles federal judge added to California's paralysis over the death penalty system this summer, declaring the law unconstitutional because of delays that leave condemned murderers awaiting execution for 25 to 30 years.

A paralysis is not really a "discussion", "argument", or "fight", words that are traditionally used with "over".

Could it be that the writer is using some unusual meaning of "paralysis"?

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For "over", I would use Collins over sense 18:

18) about; concerning ⇒ "a quarrel over politics"

And for "paralysis", I would use Collins paralysis sense 2:

2) any condition of helpless inactivity or of inability to act

Basically it is saying California has an inability to take action concerning the death penalty system, due to legal delays. (Yes it is really true.)


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