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What are small tiny pieces of paper of different colors that people often throw into the air at a wedding or when celebrating?

Do we call these pieces "glittery tiny paper"?

Also, there are smaller pieces of glittery paper that women often put on their faces (see the picture below). What do they called?

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The word is confetti. It's a borrow from Italian.

(Note it's a plural. The singular would be confetto, but you aren't likely to see that. Definitely not in English.)

Here, have a whole Wikipedia article about them, including the etymology.

  • See my updated question. Also, there are smaller pieces of paper that women often put on their faces. What do they called?
    – Tom
    Apr 6 at 1:55
  • @Tom I'm under the impression that this is what they call glitter. But I'm not a user, and I'm not too sure.
    – Divizna
    Apr 6 at 2:04
  • @Divizna - yes, it's glitter, or glitter makeup, or cosmetic glitter, etc. It is not usually made of paper, though. Usually particles of metal, plastic, and coloured minerals. Apr 6 at 15:34

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