For example:

I was getting ready.

I got ready.

When do I use which?

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    I think you mean 'past continuous'. Please confirm.
    – thelawnet
    Apr 8 at 6:42
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    "I was getting ready to go out when the phone rang" (you hadn't finished). "I got ready and went out" (you finished doing so). Apr 8 at 8:04
  • What's the context?
    – alphabet
    Apr 13 at 20:50

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Let's see these examples:

Yesterday when I was going to my office, I saw one of my friends.

When you start an action in the past but another action happend during the first one (you couldn't finish first action) you have to use past continiuous.

Yesterday I went to my office.

When you start an action in the past and you were successful to finish that(nothing happend betweent the first action), you have to use simple past.

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