Source: "Boardwalk Empire" Season 01 Episode 07 00:29:19

Mary Dittrich (the girlfriend of the photographer Robert Dittrich): Relax. It's not like he saw us together.

Angela Darmody (the wife of Jimmy Darmody): Nucky Thompson didn't get where he is by being native. That look on his face -- He knows something's amiss.

Mary: So he knows. And then what?

Angela: Well, he could stop giving me money... You're so good. I depond on this man.

Mary: What about Jimmy?

Angela: I would have thought he'd send something. If not for me, for Tommy.

Mary: You just may have to get a job, my sweet.

Angela: I know... Anything from that art dealer in New York?

Mary: No. But Robert's friend Jonathan is coming in town to look at some real estate. He works at Washington Square Gallery in Greenwich Village. He's agreed to assess your work.

Angela: Greenwich Village? Can you imagine?

Mary: It's everything you've ever heard it is.

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I know all the words, but I have difficulties in grammatical analysis.

I think "you've ever heard" is an attributive clause that modifies "everything", so the sentence can be reduced as "It's everything it is". And what is "It's everything it is"?

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    People have heard all sorts of (presumably good) things about 'it'. The speaker says that all these things (everything you've ever heard) are true. Apr 25 at 8:23
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    Does it help to think of it as "It is everything that you have ever heard that it is"?
    – stangdon
    Apr 25 at 10:53
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    This looks like a dialogue between two people. Can you write the names of the two speaking? For example, Anna: He's agreed to assess your work. // Lucy: Greenwich Village? P.S What "work" is being referred to? Paintings?
    – Mari-Lou A
    Apr 28 at 9:42
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    It's beyond the scope of this site to completely break down a sentence grammatically, so please edit your question to tell us what specifically you don't understand or where you get confused. For instance, maybe you're confused because there's two subjects and two conjugated verbs without a conjunction.
    – gotube
    Apr 28 at 14:30
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    See my original comment. "It" (Greenwich Village? the gallery?) is just as good as Angela has heard people say that it is. Not It's everything it is, but It is [everything you have heard that] it is. Apr 29 at 8:00