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Guys, I got an e-mail and it said in it, but it doesn't say "vitae" at the end, does that mean they still want the resume?

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You should probably provide the full text you've been sent for context. But if the email is about employment or some other kind of application you have made where you would be expected to provide evidence of your qualifications or achievements, it would be a reasonable guess that they mean a curriculum vitae, known in some English dialects as a résumé.

A 'curriculum' is a collection of studies, usually related. For example, a 'school curriculum' would be the planned programme of subjects and topics discussed during a period of schooling.

I'm not a Latin expert, but vitae means 'life', so a curriculum vitae is literally your life's 'course' - a summary of your life's education, work, and other relevant experience.

  • Very often in the UK, a curriculum vitae (or curriculum vitæ) is just called a 'CV', and many people who create and submit them do not know what the initials stand for. May 3, 2023 at 9:35

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