Situation: A person (male) says something to a (female) aged 50+ both. The female ignores it. I could see from her face that she didn't take what he said in a good way.

Can I say this: "She didn't take it positively"? or "She didn't take it nicely"?

Or is there a better way to express the same

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    "She didn't take it very well." May 8, 2023 at 9:50

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In this kind of context, "take it" refers to the manner in which information, advice, feedback etc was received.

Neither 'positively' nor 'nicely' are good adjectives for describing that manner.

You might say:

She didn't see it positively.


She didn't react nicely.

But if you want to refer to the manner in which she received 'it', the most idiomatic way would be to say:

She didn't take it well.


She took is badly.

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