Good afternoon! I found a lot of examples of using the phrase other's on the Internet. As I know, other itself can't be a pronoun. Shouldn't I use another's OR the other's instead?

Here are some examples:

  1. You take on other's problems as your own.
  2. Call attention to other's mistakes indirectly.
  3. Many of us get jealous and angry at other's potential successes.
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    That's really hard to answer without any of those examples. Could you edit your question and include a few?
    – Divizna
    May 12 at 12:08
  • Others is plural, so use the rule about possessives of plural nouns which end in 's' - an apostrophe after the 's' - you take on others' problems as your own. Another (an other) is singular so - call attention to another's mistakes indirectly. Summary: others' things for more than one, another's thing or things for one. May 12 at 12:38

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Ah, that's better. In all three of your examples, there is a mistake, but it's not a case of other versus another, but combination of plural and possessive.

Let's take

You take on other's problems as your own.

It's a general statement about taking on problems of other people (many of them), in other words, problems of others.

When making a possessive out of a plural ending in -s, the apostrophe goes after the pluralising s: others' problems.

The correct spelling would be

You take on others' problems as your own.

Same for the other two.


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