This is from a news article :

In April 2019, Heard filed to dismiss the case and detailed years of alleged abuse beginning in late 2012, when she said he first slapped her across the face. She alleged that Depp abused drugs and alcohol and called him “the Monster” during these times, and said she never attacked Depp except in self-defense against her and her sister.

Considering the meaning of preposition "against", I think that it should be replaced with 'of' in this context.

Am I wrong?

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The original isn't great, but your suggestion is wrong, too.

It is possible to do something in defence 'of' someone - that means you're defending them.

It isn't possible to do something in self-defence of someone, because self-defence is defending yourself against an attack from someone else.

In the example, the speaker is talking about someone defending themselves (self-defence) and another person, so what they really should have said is "in defence of herself and her sister".


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