I encounter a sentence in an Economist article.

It was, though not in the way that many Republicans hoped.

What I want to ask is whether I can use in which in place of that in the sentence? If that is used as relative adverb, I think in which can be used. But when I googled, the way in which somebody hoped had no results. Or, is that used as relative pronoun? hoped is an intransitive verb in the sentence, so it can't be used that way, can it?

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Yes, you have correctly surmised that 'that' is a relative adverb, and 'in which' could be substituted. The following is correct and conveys the same idea as the original sentence:

It was, though not in the way in which many Republicans hoped.

The double use of 'in' might be a little awkward, but your readers would definitely understand the meaning.

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