What is the word for silently trying to understand a person from his/her talk, and his/her mental situation behind his/her action or talk?

Say for example I was talking to a old friend, I met after a long time. But she was not talking truth, that was evident from her talk. I tried to understood why without asking her, and also tried to understand what was truly behind all her talking?

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Though it's used mainly in the context of writing, you may, for our ease, twist it a little to have an idiom for what you want. However, there could be many options and it depends which one you want to use.

Here is what I think something close to your concern of knowing/understanding something which is not clearly said/told/written.

While she was speaking her way, I simply read between the lines. It was clear from her talk that she's hiding the truth.

Surprisingly, TheFreeDictionary quotes the too close a thing that you referred in your question.

After listening to what she said, if you read between the lines, you can begin to see what she really means.


A few options might be:

- Interpret
- See what was behind her words
- Analyze
- Unearth
- Uncover (his/her intention)
- Read between the lines
- Infer

Also, if I were to read your paragraph, this statement jumps out at me: But she was not talking truth, that was evident from her talk. To me it would seem like you need to either (1) qualify this statement with something like I could tell she wasn't telling the truth. Or I thought she wasn't telling the truth. Or (2) explain why no qualification is necessary, such as She said she had stopped eating red meat, but the hamburger that was in her hand indicated she was obviously lying.

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