I'm looking for the correct nouns to name two different concepts:

  • a TV channel schedule, e.g. "This is tomorrow [word-a] for Channel 5."
  • a table with a set of channels and their respective schedule, e.g. "This is the printed weekly [word-b] for cable channels."

Said otherwise, what are the correct nouns to use in this sentence: "I've seen Channel 5 [word-a] in next week printed [word-b] of cable channels.

Are those concepts already well identified with different nouns in American English? If not what would you suggest?

If that helps: In French those two concepts are not well differentiated, we merely use the same noun "programme" in singular and plural forms, e.g. "J'ai regardé le programme d'Arte dans les programmes de la semaine prochaine".


If I am judging the question correctly. Word A would be "Schedule" and Word B would be "Guide"

I saw Channel 5's schedule in the printed guide of cable channels.


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