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What is the area for people to sit in a stadium called?

It seems to be called "stand", but I am not sure.

But why "stand"?? because people can sit there too?

Can we say "I was sitting in the stand in the stadium watching Liverpool playing against Manchester City"?

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    Yes, you can, as the first result when searching on "sitting in the stands" shows.
    – oerkelens
    Jun 24 at 9:56
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    It's short for grandstand. Jun 24 at 12:10
  • Stands usually means permanent seating that's at least partially covered. Similar seating that's smaller, more portable and uncovered is called "bleachers." The line between bleachers and stands is not always clear.
    – barbecue
    Jun 24 at 23:24

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If you go back, "Stand" mean something like "hold a position", and was in contrast to "move" or "attack". The notion of a raised platform, initially as part of a defensive line, then for a hunter, and finally a raised platform for watching sports developed in early modern English.

So, these are indeed called stands, and these stands are fitted with seats, so you sit in the stands.

Many famous stands have names. Liverpool's Anfield stadium has four stands, The Kop, Centenary Stand, Anfield Road End and Main Stand.


stands (pl.)

From Merriam-Webster:

4 b stands plural
(1) :
a section of the tiered seats for spectators of a sport or spectacle

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