Which one is correct?

Nobody asks me


Nobody ask me

Everybody ask me


Everybody asks me


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"Nobody" is singular, so for the simple statement of fact "Nobody asks me".

Nobody asks me for advice on building the engine, even though I'm the only person who understands how a carburettor works

However, you can also form imperative expressions, in which the verb has its basic form

I'm concentrating. Be quiet! Don't distract me! Nobody ask me any questions!


In fact they are all singular pronouns so we use them as a singular subject.

In English grammar, the third-person singular verb ending is the suffix -s or -es that's conventionally added to the base form of a verb in the present tense when it follows a singular subject in the third person

Everyone knows who stole it, but they're all afraid to.

Nobody ever says they want to become a cop so they can bust people for drinking alcohol etc.

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