could someone explain why the word "employ" couldn't be the answer to this blank? since one of its meanings is: [v] to use sth such as a skill, method, etc. for a particular purpose.

As the technology develops and the market widens, the company intends to ......(deploy, employ) more Sea Combines, including in its home country, India.

  • “Sea Combine,” an automated catamaran that simultaneously harvests and replants seaweed in the ocean.

Answer: deploy

Source: CNN Business

  • Employ means -to use something , deploy-to use something (especially in a useful and successful way) . Hence,Here, the company wants to deploy more sea combines.....
    – Sam
    Jul 23, 2023 at 17:23
  • Employ usually means to make use of the resources yourself. Deploy more often means to distribute resources to be used by others under your direction / on pursuit of your objective. Jul 23, 2023 at 17:43

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Saying that the company plans to employ some equipment suggests that it is already available, and they're just going to make use of it. Saying that the company plans to deploy the equipment, on the other hand, means that they are going to send it to relevant locations, set it up, and then use it.

Using "employ" in this sentence also reads awkwardly to me, because it has a more common meaning of "hire someone to do a job", so "employing Sea Combines" makes it sound like the Sea Combines are people (or maybe intelligent robots) being given a contract.


The verb deploy means to send resources (e.g. troops or equipment) to a place so that the resources can be put to use there, whereas employ means simply to use, i.e. as a tool.

It would be possible to speak of the automated catamaran as a tool to be used in the performance of a task, the harvesting and replanting of seaweed, but since the sentence mentions a place, "including in its home country, India", deploy would be the better-fitting choice.

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