She would hoover, dust and iron, but she didn't like doing windows.

I would like to look at expressing the point of the sentence in more simple words.


These are words referring to housecleaning.

  • To Hoover is to vacuum. (It is a brand name of vacuum cleaner.)
  • To dust means to clean away dust, typically with a cloth.
  • To iron is to make cloth (as in clothes or sheets) flat and wrinkle-free, by passing a hot iron over it.
  • To do windows means to clean windows.

(And I'm sure you could have found each of these words in a dictionary, instead of asking here...)

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    Thank you. I thought "do window" means construct a new window and therefore I couldn't understand the point of the sentence correctly. – Dmitrii Bundin Sep 20 '14 at 5:18

She would clean the house, but she didn't like cleaning windows.

"Hoover" is very British, it is not used in other countries.

Do the windows / laundry / dishes / taxes

never means to build new. This sentence form means any common but complicated task that is understood by almost everyone. Washing your clothes requires at least 9 steps, not including the machine stages, but we all know what they are. 100 years ago laundry required an entire day's work for your wife, eldest daughter and the maid.

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