I found something in the movie The Channel.

masked guy in military gear with subtitle:

Bro, we're out of clock

I know the meaning of that (we are late, the time is almost finished.)

But I searched any kinds of dictionary I knew like Oxford dictionary, Merriam Webster, Longman Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary, Dictionary.com, The Free Dictionary

But I couldn't find anything. (I've also searched (be out of clock/out of the clock)

So is it not a common idiom? 'Cause it wasn't in any kinds of famous dictionary I know.

Can you tell me why I couldn't find that.

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    I seriously doubt "We're out of clock" has any currency anywhere, but almost certainly it's equivalent to "We're out of time" (there is no more time left - we must finish what we're doing immediately). Aug 5, 2023 at 16:37
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"Out of clock" is American military slang.

It means "out of time".

It's unfair, wrong and punishes people who prioritized the mission over family, or didn't meet their person yet. For those who reach mandatory retirement and "run out of clock" to obligate service, it takes an option for their future plans off the table.

From Don't Penalize Service Members Who Don't Have Kids. Let Them Bank Their GI Bill Benefits

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