I am trying to understand the following question:

She'll be coordinating the relief effort.

Consulting dictionaries, I found the following definitions:

Relief - any aid given in times of need, danger, or disaster, as supplies sent into a flooded area.

Effort - an attempt to do something.

Although I understand the meaning of the separate words, I still need help to understand the precise meaning of the two words used together here in a phrase. Can you help me understand the intended meaning?

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    Relief efforts are attempts to give aid. Aug 19 at 14:34
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    She will be coordinating the activities of all the people who are working to provide relief. Aug 19 at 16:26

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There is an alternative definition of “effort” that applies here. From Collins Dictionary:

An effort is a particular series of activities that is organized by a group of people in order to achieve something.

So a “relief effort” is an organised series of activities by a group of people to provide relief(aid).

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