An old lady talks about what she would do when she was young. 101 year old (see:2:08-02:12)

She says: "I liked marbles and tops."

I looked up both words and I found "marbles" and it makes sense. But, "tops" do not seem to be the name of a game or anything like that.

I looked it up on Cambridge, Collins and Merriem webster and no entry sits well with it. The closest one is related to the name of a card or a card type.

Is that what she means?


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A top is a spinning toy. Basically you just spin the handle and then release it. Some tops, such as dreidels, have symbols they can land on, and these symbols can be used as a randomizing element in games.


Tops are still manufactured and used today, but their popularity has waned somewhat because they are much simpler and more primitive than modern electronics.

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