Context: Chatting with a friend on Whatsapp. We both were following a diet plan, but today I didn't commit to it due to a family occasion.
How do I communicate this properly:
"Today went well, but wavered on the diet" <-- not sure if this is a correct sentence or if it expresses the fact that I ate something away from my planned diet

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To me that sentence is correct and communicates what you are hoping it does. Put a little more formally you might say 'Today went well, but I wavered on my diet.' But it's fine for a WhatsApp message. Other common options for something like this are 'I didn't stick to my diet' or 'I didn't follow my diet.'


Another verb frequently used in that context is break.

I had to break the diet because of a family gathering where I was expected to eat some cake my aunt had made and try some of the sauce my sister-in-law had made and drink some of the home-brewed beer my brother was excited about and ...

wavered can be used but it suggests you were having doubts whether to remain on the diet.

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