Here is a question

Put the verbs in brackets into a suitable tense form
____ you _____ (go) to your dentist recently?

Typical answer: Have you gone to your dentist recently?

I noticed many users change gone to been.
I think those have not the right to make such changes simply the option is (go) and not (be)

Am I right or not?

I know (have gone) = went but not returned yet or in his way coming back whereas (have been) = went and came back

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Been is a form of the verb "be". Merriam-Webster gives this meaning under be: "to come or go", with examples "has already been and gone", "has never been to the circus", so you can see it's normally used in the perfect tense "have been"/"has been".

Therefore if you're asked to use a form of the verb "go" you can't use a form of the verb "be", any more than you can use "come", "travel", "walk", or other words whose meaning might be similar but which are not what you are asked to do.


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