I am absolutely confused about meaning of "blunt" here. Could not find any card game by this name, no idioms, nothing :( Thank you for you kind help.

Setting: London's gaming hell, 1833.

Nobody knows the real identity of club founder, known as Chase. The reward is offered. Members of the club are waiting for the reveal.

“And we have no doubt that very soon, one of you enterprising gentlemen will discover the truth about the founder of the Angel.” She paused. “Five thousand pounds is, after all, a great deal of money to a motley group that loses blunt so well.”

"Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover" by S Maclean

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It is archaic slang for money. Wiktionary:

(UK, slang, archaic, uncountable) money

Charles Dickens, chapter 10, in The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, published 1837:
Down he goes to the Commons, to see the lawyer and draw the blunt […]

The word blunt is no longer used in this sense, except as a deliberate use of an old fashioned word.

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