1. "I like living in this house. But it's a pity that garden is small"

  2. "I like living in this house but it's a pity that the garden is small"

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    You've got things the wrong way around! It's the "complementizer" that (as used in #2) that's optional in this context, not the definite article the. Note that it's not really possible for that to be a "pronoun/ article" (that garden, this garden, a garden) in #1, because that would conflict with earlier this house - you must have some kind of article there, and the obvious choice is the (whether or not you precede it by that as an optional complementizer). Oct 11, 2023 at 18:23

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1 either omits an article before "garden", or it uses "that" as a specifier for "garden".

You can't omit a specifier before "garden", and "that" is unlikely to be used, so 2 is the better choice. You would use "that garden" to distinguish a garden from other gardens, but most houses will have only one garden, and the word "the" suffices to point to it in the context of a house.

In other words, answer 1 is not impossible, but it's unlikely.

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