to raise a child.vs to raise up a child.

I am unable to understand the difference between the two, what's the difference?(especially the use of"up")

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Literal uses of the verb raise - with the meaning elevate (to a higher level) - can often include preposition up. But it's rarely included with the metaphorical sense bring to maturity. Hence...

1: We raised our children to respect authority - FINE
2: We brought our children up to respect authority - FINE
3: We raised our children up to respect authority - NOT IDIOMATIC
4: We brought our children to respect authority - UNGRAMMATICAL

Note that although we can raise chickens on our farm, nobody normally brings up chickens on a farm - both these metaphoric usages derive from essentially the same literal meaning, but bring up in this sense normally only occurs in the sense of caring for children from infancy to adulthood.

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