There's this sentence : "some people think Chicago's nickname is from politicians who talk too much

I need to know what is the meaning of politicians talk too much

And why politicians?

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    The city is indeed windy. Wind is a lot of air moving, just like anyone who talks for a living without saying much of substance. Ever notice that diplomats who are not succeeding in negotiations say many words, like "We certainly have had a great meeting of the minds and are encouraged to continue this rewarding process with excellent and reasonable partners"? Nov 28, 2023 at 3:50
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    @YosefBaskin A comment sometimes only requires a little fleshing out and it becomes a perfectly respectable answer. But each to their own I suppose.
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This is a joke.

"Politicians" are people who have an elected office in a legislature or senate (for example). Their job involves lots of discussion. So they have to talk a lot. Some people think that politicians should talk less and be more practical. They say that politicians talk too much, and that much of what they say should not be trusted. A colloquial paraphrase would be that they are full of hot air.

"...who talk too much" is a relative clause that describes "politicians".

A slang term for a person who talks a lot is "windy". Chicago is famous for its wind, and so its nickname is "The Windy City".

The joke is that the politicians in Chicago are "windy".

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As @James K explains, it is a play on Chicago’s nickname, The Windy City, based on its particular weather, and on the metaphor of wind for (excessive) talk.

Some other examples of this metaphor, which is common in English, are

  • wind bag (and gas bag) for someone thought to talk too much, especially about subjects that are considered dull or about which they are not particularly knowledgeable,
  • blowhard for someone who talks too much, particularly in a boastful or authoritative way, and
  • as advice that uttering something might be unnecessary or in vain, Save your breath.

Another metaphor with similar meaning is of a mechanical device. It gives us such examples as

  • chatterbox
  • motormouth and
  • of someone who is thought to repeat themselves incessantly, a broken record. This image comes from the fact that a vinyl phonograph record, if marred by a scratch—so, technically, not quite broken—can cause the needle to jump up and then fall back on a spot already played, which results in an infinite audio loop.

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